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Man, I didn't even noticed that Crazy Taxi game was actually the same DC Crazy Taxi ! The gfx in the DC version is MUUCHH beter, even with less polygons, Z Buffering, Alpha Blending or whatever the hell those 3D things use

Dastardly, look at some "Modern 2D games" , and be honest, don't they look a LOT better than those boring-looking 3D games? I must admit most of those 2D new games I know are Shoot'em ups (Because that's what I play the most) , but I bet Akira could give you more examples (As he already did).

Now I must admit I don't give a damn for GFX, all I want is to play a nice game, be it 2D or 3D. I played Max Payne once, and I wasn't gobsmacked by the gfx, although I found the game quite enjoyable (I only played the 1st level).

The major problem nowadays is that most developers can't seem to develop interesting games. All they do is stick with those 3D gfx (And they don't look half as good as 2D), and repeat the same game over and over and over.

I bet that if developers tried to do things different most often, those 'different' games would be sucessfull too. The problem is that those different games usually come and go with no notice, and no one never hear of them. If people had talked about, say , The Reap ( for more information), as much as they talked about Half-Life, that game would be a sucess too (After all, the buying people are idiots, they will buy whatever people tell them to buy, as they won't play the game that much anyway, they will just enable the cheat mode and "finish" it).

And like I said before, I really don't care about GFX, I think 3D can be really usefull sometimes (F1GP or Frontier , for example) , but nothing EVERYTHING needs to be in 3D. They both could live together in peace.

Oh, and just for record, Outrun is 300000 times funnier to play than GT3. And Clerks is a GREEEEAAATTT movie, even filmed in B/W , with lousy photography, and one or two bits of bad direction (after all, it was the director's 1st movie, and he had a budget of 30000 dollars )
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