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Originally posted by Dastardly
to make a game 2D these days would be a technological step backwards.
Alright, here I go berzerk...

Making a 2D game nowadays is a technological step backwards? WHAT on earth are you talking about? Just because it's 2D is technollogically poop? That's BOLLOCKS. Just because a game it's in 2D it doesn't mean it looks "16bit-ish"... I got tired of hearing this about all the great Saturn 2D games... I suppose now a 2D game is called "32bit-ish", as we used to call something like Llamatron "8bit-ish"... rubbish.

2D games HAVE improved, going slowly onto the high-res area. This is something that started to happen with the Dreamcast, 2D games going 640x480. And boy, do they look brilliant. Twice the detail (Guilty Gear X, to wit).

Besides, since most of the japanese softcos STILL develop 2D stuff today (even for consoles like the PS2, which are mainly 3d jobbies), it demonstrates that it's not a step backward. It's only a step backward in the mind of the eyecandy-blind western gamer.

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