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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost

Not reiterating at all. I am stating that the fact that these games will one day be retro means nothing. Just because they will one day be retro is no reason to append any level of respect to them. It's like being around annoying, screaming little girls at a family gathering that are getting on your nerves and someone says "But it's day they'll be women!" It's just a meaningless statement that changes nothing. Shite is shite. Just because it's old doesn't make a Mr. Acker Bilk record cool.

You are really taking this to the extreme and out of context. The term modern games refers to this style of gaming (and it is a generalization, obviously) that assumes in order for a game to be released today, it must be 3D regardless of any variables. Of course every era has its crap, only this is the first era of gaming I know of that is dominated by crap. It took the PC to make that a reality. Now it's spread to the consoles. Not liking 3D or flashy lighting effects is irrelevant. Look at those screens! Surely you can't defend that as "flashy graphics". If that's flashy, then toilets are filled with gold every day.

As for Pong fans saying that about Amiga games, you are seriously off the track. Nobody is saying that more colors or more advanced machines make a game worse. Amiga games came out with not only superior graphics for their time, but good games and hardware that allowed wonderful possibilities in games. That hardly parallels with what we are seeing today. You're basing your opinions strictly on the spec and not the end product. And the Amiga was certainly not dominated by one graphic style and (mainly) one game genre beaten to death. Or the upgrade path to hell factor. The key word here is dominated. I know you can always find an outside example, so let's please not quibble over outside extremities.
1. I never said that just because a game will be considered retro it deserves respect, it was merely a statement of fact. ALL games will be retro one day (good or bad) was the point I was originally making.

2. 3D is not a 'style' of gaming anymore than 2D is, it was the natural next step for graphics and like it or not, to make a game 2D these days would be a technological step backwards.

3. To say the scene is dominated by crap these days is rubbish.
Its obviously not to your liking, but then thats just YOUR opinion.
Of course there is crap around today, but no more than there ever was.

4. I do not defend those screens you have posted, but they are bad examples. You simply could not say the same thing about the 3D in GT3 or MGS2 to name but 2 modern games. The depth in these games is also superior to anything you could find in any retro game of the same genre. These are just 2 examples, I could list more.

5. your reference to one game genre being beaten to death is a PC thing. I am not a fan of PC gaming and never have been, simply because they are too user unfriendly.

Gaming has gone from strength to strength and I hope will continue to do so. With people buying more games than at any time before, I think this trend will continue. Your views are in the minority, and its the money of the majority that the developers are after.
Call me greedy but I want to enjoy games from ALL eras, and with great titles from both now and then, Ill be happy for a long time

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