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' ere we go again...

Point 1 is, I do NOT dislike all modern games. Read that I mentioned Sonic Adventure 2 and DC Crazy Taxi.. aren't those games modern? Besides, F-Zero Advance is a game of today, that is not retro at all my friend, and I love it

Second, I DO hate today's trend of making it all in 3D. Why? Because as Burseg says, it's only fine if DONE RIGHT. And this happens very seldom.

For the record, I preffer Outrun to Gran Turismo 3 as well
By the way, what do you guys mean with "Design"? You tell me design and I think the aesthetic feel of the package. I don't think this is key. If you mean gameplay design, well I agree. And IMO, the only people who can decently pull it off nowadays (and the ONLY,TRUE supporters of 2D gaming these days) are the japanese.
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