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These great games are still being made, if you know what your looking for.
There were also many crap games, and there are many good games on modern computers. I agree with your idea.

Realism and 3d is another thing. I used to be a strict 2d gamer but I'm beginning to think the feel of realism through the use of 3d graphics can be cool if made in the right way. For example, a Role Playing game can be cool in first person view, like eye of the beholder series. Such a game can be improved if it's done in 3d. Morrowind, the upcoming daggerfall sequel will benefit from 3d greatly and it has the potential to become a classic!

On the other hand improper use of 3d and lack of gameplay on some modern games is a horrible fact. There are games which should not be made in 3d at all. Kick Off 2002 doesn't benefit from 3d at all but think about populous 1&2 on amiga, these games would be cool if they were in 3d, and they actually are, as Populous: The Beginning and Black & White on pc, developed by the same team.

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