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Originally posted by Dastardly
I too am a huge retrogaming fan, especially the Commodore machines, but I think disliking modern games just because you love retro so much is silly. After all, even the visual wondergames of today will one day be considered 'retro'. [
We're not disliking modern games because we love retro. We are disliking modern games because they are rubbish. I'll be more than happy to publish more horrendous examples, since there is a neverending infinity of that stuff. These examples I used were not carefully chosen, horrible as they are - I grabbed the first screens from the games that I saw. I'm sure there's worse. And I chose games that were popular, otherwise there would have been a bunch of responses saying how great "Max Payne" is, etc. If this is what people are accepting for their X-Box, then they deserve what they get for putting money in Microsoft's pocket. Pay the devil, burn in Hell...

You say these games will one day be retro? All it takes to be retro is being old. No matter how great or how shitty, there will always be a group that will come along in 20 years and embrace it because they grew up with it (loving it or hating it). Look at abandonware. Lowsy old PC games that nobody cared about. Then emulation takes off and the abandonware crowd jumps on the bandwagon. These people prefer playing CGA and EGA versions of games that are infinitely better on every other platform the games were released on. Being retro and being good have nothing to do with each other. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany are retro. New Kids On The Block are retro. Vanilla Ice is retro. And they are all cack. One day Danzig will be retro (sigh...)

And before someone does the inevitable and comes along defending abandonware, I already know there are games not on any other platform that must be preserved, blah blah blah. Regardless, what kind of inbred boob is really going to ever play the Hercules version of Star Goose or the ECS version of Toobin'?
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