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@graham :

i also wondered about the nostalgia stuff ..but i don't think so ! i really agree with galahad when he says that the gaming experience is dead since can'T compare 8 bits to 16 bits jump with 16 bits to ps1+ jump...really 8bits fun games, because of tech constraints, were all about originality , 16 bits were a good mix of techs and originality (the perfect mix according to me), ps+ became all about tech...the greatness of amiga was inpart the perfect timing where the potential of the machine was giving support for lots of dreams to be achieved while still preserving accessibility to amateur coders.
why do i think it's not about nostalgia ? because of the wii! right it's not a computer and you don't have any privilege to compose, code, draw, animate which were really parts of amiga fun....
but i never had so much FUN since amiga! it's all about the gaming experience again, bringing family and friends around the console to play! i love : super mario galaxy, wii sports, wii fit, super mario party, big brain academy....and expect with a lot of excitement : wii mario kart and wii worms next year!
@galahad and graham : have you tried to play wii (with full devotion, ie without any kind of septicism) ?
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