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Originally Posted by webhead View Post
i think it sounds like were all waiting for a new amiga.

we need a new amiga with new gubbins thats not seen before,abit like a nintendo wii this is probably the only machine thats brought back the wow feeling for me in a long time ,its fun to play you can challenge people but it lacks the graphics power of the 360 ps3 this has let it down a bit.

but what im saying is imagine a lush new amiga with weird chipsets and new types of audio playing dvd,s burning ,all in a cute little box ,and i dont mean with os4 onit i mean something totally new.

then you might all feel better again.

i know i would.
Yeah, and it should have a wireless gun, light sabre, steering wheel and loads of other cool accessories.

Imagine 5.1 surround sound on a Star Wars Jedi style game, with you armed with a wireless light sabre... that would be ubercool.

You can't have " an elegant weapon, from a bygone age" with a cable trailing from it.
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