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For all none of you interested... A little update... I gave up on FAME for a lack of being able to get even filelistings working. Even after getting a hold of someone that has a good grasp of FAME, it seemed there was something beyond hope. Though, having said that, getting it to use telnetd.device never was a problem.

I switched to AmiExpress, and once used to it, got it set up with little problem, though telnetd.device would connect, but not work. This I finally fixed by adding 'pacerate' to the conf so my AmiTCP:db/telnetd-device.conf reads "23 3 pacerate 19200" (port 23, 3 total connections, slow down for amiexpress to 19200 baud, let all ips connect)

So although I can't actually get the BBS accessible to the outside world, it's at least possible to call AmiExpress under WinUAE via telnet.
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