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err. IC - this emulator is FAR from perfect

I never said this emulator was perfect (or did I? ). I only think it's much faster than PSPUAE... I can finally play the games in decent speed... full fps if I want to, at the cost of some minor sound quality stuff... but best of all, near perfect (or perfect) sound emulation .

the sound is excellent, but the speed is not much above PSPUAE. Try some games like NZS or SWOS out and you will see that they are still unplayable.

Imo, the speed is faaar better than PSPUAE, always stuttering sound and stuff no matter what settings... not anymore! .

it's a good start, but pretty unusable if you ask me with it not even having keyboard inputting.

Haha, I can't see how this would be unusable, you can finally PLAY lots of games without going nuts about the lame fps and no good sound emulation.

I've have only been using this emulator since I downloaded it 2 hours ago, and already it kicks ass . I don't care what anyone says, as long as I can play alot of A500 games with good speed and near perfect sound emulation.

Ofc, compability-wise, PSPUAE is far superior.... but I don't care much about that..... the games are finally playable.... (to me that is).
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