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err. IC - this emulator is FAR from perfect

i can get nothing at full speed, it is just that this emulator "holds" 50fps better when using auto frameskip. It also hides itself away from giving true looks at its speed by not having an on-screen FPS display.

the sound is excellent, but the speed is not much above PSPUAE. Try some games like NZS or SWOS out and you will see that they are still unplayable.

the main reason for incompatibilty issues its the FAME/C core, which isnt very good for amiga emulation, becuase it is simply not accurate enough. It has been reported (and i've seen it myself) that a lot of games even crash the PSP completely. Anyway, i've discussed this emulator in great depth on

it's a good start, but pretty unusable if you ask me with it not even having keyboard inputting. It will also never support WHDLoad whilst it remains an a500 only emulator. I hope it is developed further, as it really needs some work.
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