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AmigaSYS news: Make a wallpaper! Where are the Italian users???

I look around for an eager graphician, who would like to make an AmigaSYS wallpaper! Anyone can send (this goes for Rolpho too ), who has the mood and thinks he can make a wallpaper. One condition: it has to be an Amiga inspired theme... Minimum 1280*960, but 1600*1200 is recommended. PNG (drop me with a mail)!

To the Italian users:
I have to write again, maybe too few people read the news, but you won an opportunity to implement your language into AmigaSYS installers, scripts, system language, etc. Unlike the Poland guys (they sent several dozens mails, thx), from the Italian side, only 1 guy wrote, but he is disappeared too... I would like to ask every Italian user, who can speak English, please drop me a mail, the translation file is only 10Kb. If there won't be a response in the next days, i will offer the opportunity to the 6th place wich is France. Visit the webpage continously for further information.
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