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New Amiga emulator for the PSP: PSP UAE4ALL r1

OMG, finally I can play Amiga games on my PSP . I didn't like that PSPUAE (no offense), all games was jerky, no perfect sound emulation ANYWHERE in any game I tried, even if the game only had a few colors on the screen and nothing moved.

Well, here's PSP UAE4ALL, I have tried it and the Amiga games runs in near perfect speed (depending on the settings and what you prefer)!!..

All games I've tried runs in perfect, smooth 50fps if you just change a setting which reduces the sound emulation a bit (but still very good sound).

You can have perfect sound emulation if using the skip framerate thingy, which is no big deal, runs very nicely anyway. I for one prefer 100% sound emulation infront of 50fps smooth gameplay.

I tell ya, this Amiga emulator is wonderful! .

Seems like some people complain about lots of games doesn't work, games running like crap, the emulator won't fire up any game at all. Well, I've posted in the link the answers to their problems (worked for me).
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