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You guys gave too much attention to the clueless guy.

Anyway an answer from me too (just because his last post is just above mine)...

Laser you obviously were not "there" when Amiga was queen - or either discovered part of what Amiga is recently or too late anyway.

The laughs I made for years with PC people BRIEFLY (until the first comparison) thinking their machine COULD play games lasted for years and cannot be forgotten (I was there and remember).
Yes when Amiga started having no real hardware updates (after even AGA was starting to show old) and PC started having truecolor VGA (not just VGA) and truecolor VGA in realistic prices - it was ONLY THEN that things started turning (and even then we still had a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better OS for even a few more years).

The only games POSSIBLY going better on PC even from the beginning of non-truecolor VGA (but only from there on), were games that needed and used "chunky pixel" modes (usually early "3D" - that were very difficult to implement with planar pixel modes).

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