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Originally Posted by chiark View Post

The sad thing is I used to be so creative on the Amiga - deluxe paint, soundtracker, devpac, ... But I just can't find enthusiasm for photoshop or the like.

Yeah i know what you mean. Maybe its because DPaint was simple in design but very effective in output, but when you load up Photoshop there is just too much going on!, as in too many options.

Its a bit like playing F/A-18 Interceptor compared to today flight sims on the PC. The Amiga game was just power up the plane, turn off the landing brakes, kick the afterburners in and then pull up and raise the arrestor hook.

On the PC with flight sims, its check 400 dials, radio the tower, get clearance, polish your uniform, shag the stewardess, announce to the passengers that you just shagged the stewardess, power the thing up, check the wind, check the flight path... actually, you should have a PHD in rocket science before you actually take off!.

If your a pilot and you love things that full on, then great!. but i think most of us just want to get up there fly it, and not sit there for 2 hours just learning how to take off!.
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