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Originally Posted by laser View Post
your video was very well are great
but you can't compare for ex the game barbarian which was a game for the sinclair spectrum...horrible and bored game
the amiga was good for games until 1995

but some amiga games lost when compared with idem PC version, SNES version, or the MEGADRIVE version

here are some examples

addams family....SNES version is lot better than amiga

alien 3...MEGADRIVE version is better

coolspot....MEGADRIVE version is better

lion king...SNES version and PC version are lot better than the amiga one

magic boy...SNES version is lot better than amiga one

turrican 2 ...PC versions is better

turrican 3...named megaturrican.....MEGADRIVE version is better+

chuck rock 1 & 2 are better on the megadrive

wolfchild.....MEGADRIVE version is lot better

gods...which was compared on your video......MEGADRIVE version is lot better than the amiga and PC...even have music and audioeffects

well...Im tired making examples....but here you have some games if you wanna make another video...more real of course

Just to clarify a couple of things. You are really picking at straws here... YES, the Megadrive version of Gods has Parallax scrolling, but all that is really different graphically is that, plus also the game runs a lot faster but not better.. it actually runs TOO fast!. And the sound in the Megadrive version is absolutely SHIT compared to the Amiga version. !?..

When it comes to Turrican 2 on the PC. Yeah the PC version is better, because the PC version was done in 2002, not 1991 !!!!... big difference in Hardware between 1991 and 2002 !!.

I wont go into the rest of the games in your list yet, because i don't have time.

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