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Are yoyu sure that 030@40 has an MMU?

Anyway, I have the Microbotics M1230XA as well, and I cannot complain. The memory is not autoconfig, but the program AutoXA (I assume this is the one you are using) stays resident after resets, so after it runs and you reboot, you have ALL the memory available from startup. On a clean WB startup ((no extras loaded) I end up with ALL the Chipram free. ALL of it. And loading all the shite I have on the workbench, I end up with 1.8Chipram free...

I'd say you stick to the Microbotics, and put the FPU on it. It should fly The noautoconfig memory is just a small complaint for me, I got used to it.

But if you got a Blizzard and you can add a SCSI interface to it, well, I'd think about it, because that'd be a nice extra.

I will benchmark my 1230XA. I have 32MB of RAM
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