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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
Well Dune 2 graphically had more colours than the Amiga version, but sonically i dont remember the PC version being better than the Amiga.
Unless there was a patch for the amiga version I don't know of, the PC version is far superior in the sound department (and still is superior to some modern games in my opinion):

- real music instead of a vague 'chanting voice' on amiga (or whatever it is)

- dynamic music, i.e. some tunes are played when you are idling (harvesting/building) and then when a battle begins another tune takes over, until the battle ends and it returns to normal.

- richer sound effects, especially for digital voices. Especially instead of simply 'enemy unit approaching', you had 'enemy unit approaching from the north/east/....'

Now from what I had heard the original PC release of Dune II had some weaknesses, notably poor voice acting for non-English (German/French) voices, which were solved with a patch.

Perhaps you played the original release, which maybe was on par with the amiga version (I don't know since I never played the original PC version).
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