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Originally Posted by EmuChicken View Post
nice video

... Its nice to see the amiga win hands down, but I think its unfair just to show the games that were obviously better on the amiga...

Why not make another video that flips sides a little bit? ... I mean stuff like Dune 2, Worms, and some others where we can see where its obvious that hardware upgrades are apparent (on the PC obviously) - maybe have it in chronological order until when theres no ports left?
Well Dune 2 graphically had more colours than the Amiga version, but sonically i dont remember the PC version being better than the Amiga.

When i comes to Worms, there is no way possible you could use that as a comparison, because Worms ECS & Worms AGA were released a long time before they hit the PC, so if you don't have both versions released at the same time, its an unfair comparison, because as time moves on, so of course does technology.

Its a bit like comparing Need For Speed on a PS1 with Need For Speed on an Xbox. Both versions are very different in the technology timeline.
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