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Originally Posted by gizmomelb View Post
this device appears as a 'dumb' floppy drive to the computer, how do you interface it to a TV? have a video cable from the floppy drive ?
You dont need a video cable, you've got a direct link from the floppy drive to the TV via the host machine.

Originally Posted by gizmomelb View Post
again, this appears as a normal floppy drive to the original computer - how do you tell the computer keyboard to control loading
An ultra basic disk image stored on the flash card. A menu system that runs on host machine used to select the initial disk(s). 5 minutes to code. Cuts the BOM of the device by perhaps as much as 80%. In the case of ST/Amiga you could even have a dual format disk.

Originally Posted by gizmomelb View Post
ejecting/selecting floppy disk images
Floppy disk drives usually have only one button (eject). They should have looked into using just one button. Then, when it came to integrating it inside a computer, there would be no extra buttons required, just hijack the eject button.

Originally Posted by gizmomelb View Post
has an external psu for easier debugging.

the aim these guys had was to design something SIMPLE (and cheap) to make so any electronics handy person could make it.
And they made something slightly more complicated than it needed to be and not cheap.

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