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Like many of the other posters here, I can't accurately reflect reality in the poll, since I have more than one Amiga, so I'll do what everybody else is doing and simply do a post to answer the question.

I have an A500 with Kickstart 1.3 that I bought just after they first came out. I had a friend that worked for Microbotics at the time, and he helped me upgrade it with a Fat Agnus, and did the mod to bring it up to one meg of chip ram.

Later, when Commodore first started offering discounts on A2000 systems for users who turned in their A1000's, I managed to pick up an original A1000 from my local dealer for $250 that had been turned in, and I considered that an absolute steal. Commodore didn't actually want the A1000's back - they just wanted them off the streets so they wouldn't have to worry about supporting them in the future. The dealers were happy about it, because they could turn around and sell the old A1000's to folks like me. It didn't take long for Commodore to figure out though that the machines were still on the streets, and they soon changed the discount program to require the dealers to send the keyboards back to Commodore. I wonder how many poor A1000's wound up going to the dump for the lack of a keyboard. Too bad, because it's actually a very nice machine, and the only Amiga that I've ever been able to play some games (like Hacker) on.
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