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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
I presume he means that 'Diagnosis Murder' thing. Yuk
I may have watched a bit (perhaps all ) of that during my student days, and there was a couple of Amiga appearances. One I remember well was a big-box system (I think an A2000) running WB 1.x that one of the characters was trying do get some information from while the owner was distracted outside.

I also remember reading somewhere that he also made some CGI effects for the show himself on his Toaster system. Whether or not that was the Amiga, or a PC system I'm not sure.

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I guess now I almost forgive him for the piss poor cockney accent he used in Mary Parpins
At least it was a one-off thing. Jamie Oliver has been using his for years...

One a slightly off-topic note, does anyone remember how Amigas were plastered all over Neighbours during the early nineties? One of the teenage characters had an A500 while the office set had a couple of big-box machines. I remember there being story lines about it, something to do with a BBS springs to mind.
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