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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
i'd like to know how some explain away those people who play retrogames for the first time now, and enjoy them greatly?

surely there can be no nostalgia in something you have not tried before? Is it not just that those types of games are the ones of your personal preference? (like those who have said they do not like 3d games?) - personally i would not write off such a large category so readily, but i do feel confident saying that there are more 2D games i greatly enjoy than 3D ones.

And while its being mentioned, i'm with Paul_s on this one... i keep trying recommended SNES games, and the ones i like all seem to be on other systems anyway. An over-rated system i think too (from a games view - the hardware is fine.) I even prefer the catalogue on the C64 - and coming from a ZX-Spectrum user, that's saying something!

i guess we are all different, and we should not be so quick to say all people like X game/machine only for Y reason

People like old games now, even if they have never been in that era, because they are still good games even though they are old.

I think once graphics reached a certain point to be generally "good", then you didn't shy away from playing them. I know my nephew who has never known Amiga really loves playing the games and is a bit of a retro freak.

My sisters two young kids 5 and 7, will play just about anything and enjoy them. My nephew, 7, absolutely loves Smash TV.

I love platform games, so do they...I think they feel a little bit overwhelmed with 3D platformers, but give them Adams family or Superfrog with their obvious obstacles and they are away.
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