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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Cloanto own a "Workbench" trade mark... that is interesting... very much so..

there are times today that i still say fire-up workbench when i should of said windows.... normally i get a resounding "whu?"

but yeah... as WIMP systems go, its a great bit of kit, way ahead if its time. although superseded now in way perhaps far to more complex to iterate, i still love the comfortability i get with workbench.

I sitill do chuckle at new vista users today bleeting on about animated backdrop on their desktops, lol the miggy had that 10 years ago!! and back in the day i remember mocking 386/486 users with the words "multi-tasking"

I am collector of sorts when it comes to OS's and i do like to play with them when i get time, its generally from this I quite often take a renewed appreciation of Workbench (OS3.5 is my favvy thus far)
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