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What do you call the Amiga's Operating System?

This isn't a trick question, nor is it some really bad Christmas cracker joke. I was wondering what people refer to the Amiga's Operating System as. Back in the day, there didn't seem to be one name for the overall system. You had all these named components, such as Kickstart, AmigaDOS, Workbench* etc.

People I knew tended to refer to the whole lot as "Workbench", I guess mostly due to the fact that the only time they ever saw something resembling an operating system was when they popped in the disk labelled "Workbench". IIRC there was even an Amiga Format cover with a headline about "Workbench 3.5" as late as 1998. Occasionally, AmigaDOS was used to describe the complete package. I think that some C= documentation did this.

The whole AmigaOS thing seems to be a late arrival, harking back to the Escom days. Personally I've always hated it. It's very much a "me too" sort of name, like MacOS, BeOS, etc., etc. It's completely devoid of any personality.

I always liked "Workbench" as a name, and I've always liked the workbench metaphor. Drawers, tools and projects always seemed to make so much more sense. So I guess, my vote goes to that. Yeah, I know Workbench is "just" the file manager application, and that loads of people have replaced it years ago with something better (I use Scalos myself), but I still think it is a great name for the whole system.

What does everyone else think?

*Interestingly, Cloanto own the Workbench trademark.
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