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Always a pleasure to help such a nice project.

Well, to give you a glimpse of the game, you play a Speedball player who can fire some balls and move in the vertical side-scrolling level (as in Xenon).

Now, the crazy twist is that the author used other Speedball items to make obstacles, survivors (other players who when touched become side pods) etc...
You can even get an extra arm (floating by...). I don't know what it does since I died just after getting it, the two times I tried the game.

Also you can 'dive' (sort of sliding) to go under some otherwise unavoidable barriers. However it requires an item that appears a few seconds before the barrier. I guess that in higher levels it becomes tricky to get that item while avoiding enemies and other obstacles.

Now for potential additions:

- On the DS, Bubble Bobble Revolution includes a full remake of the original arcade game

- Since you mention Derelict (not a 100% remake/revival) in your first post, maybe you'll consider Get Medieval as a Gauntlet-inspired game

- Same thing for Shadowgrounds, kind of Alien Breed inspired, especially with this mod installed
Do a search on this board if you want to see a few comments about it by other EAB members. That's in fact how I discovered this game.
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