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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
Sadly your nice modern system does limmit your options a bit - SATA being the main factor.
At this point I guess I should come clean & say of the options Amithlon is my preferred setup...

...having said that:
-Amithlon: Does support *some* SATA, not yours sadly. The main problem for you is your nice dual-core intel CPU & GFX card - If any can prove me wrong I'd be happy to hear but Amithlon won't run on multi-core CPU's. (slight lie here)
-X-Amiga: A great alternate to the above if you're after booting stright to AmigaOS. No SATA at the mo' but the author is working on it.
-KX-Light: (Cloanto's X-Amiga) Will probably work but isn't as 'good' as X-Amiga, is a bugger to HD-Install & the docs are non-existant. (another slight lie)
-AmigaXL: (part of the Amithlon package) May work on your system if QNX (the underlaying OS) supports it.
-AROS: It's gonna be great! But at this stage still a swine to install. Especially if you already have data you don't want to loose. (I didn't know about the lack of SATA support)
-OS4: I agree.
-WinUAE: Wonderful, but a problem if you don't want to boot 'doze first. (You can replace the explorer.exe 'shell' with winuae.exe for a more 'authentic' experience but there are issues...)

Which leaves:
-E-UAE+Linux: Currently your best bet given what you're after & your hardware. (TBH: I'm not a Linux fan but if you are...)

'Real Amiga'..?
As you've discovered getting hard to find & d*mn expensive.
FWIW: Nothing beats 'the real thing' but if it's been a while a max'd out miggy comes nowhere near any of the above in performance / convenience... a good emulator for a while and when / if you set up a real one you may be a tad unhappy.
Thanks for the reply. Amithlon does look real nice and I have the utmost respect for Bernd Meyer. Unfortunate but I may just have to get an older box just to check it out.

AROS does have an open bounty for SATA support. I would love to see it completed this year.

X-Amiga is done really well. I think I'll see SATA support here before any others as it uses a linux kernel. Not really sure why it doesn't support SATA as every linux distro I have tried recently does. I know it's based on Gentoo and I'm sure that supports SATA although I may be wrong.

Hopefully, something good comes out of the lawsuit between Hyperion and Amiga Inc. First thing would be to make OS4 available on any PPC. I'd prefer an x86 version but again I don't think it will ever happen.

I've used Winuae since Brian King worked on it and I love it. Having used it for so long I just wanted to try something different. Using Windows 3.1 since release I find it getting a little stale. For now, it's an excellent platform till I get one of these others working.

I'm not big on Linux. I've recently installed PCLinuxOS. It is probably the most user-friendly distro I have tried but it's just not my thing. Trying to figure out how to get e-uae running and launching at startup will probably frustrate me to no end.

Again, thanks for the comments.
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