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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
WinUAE is fine... OK so it takes 30 secs or whatever to boot Windows so strip it down using nLite.

Hmmm makes me wonder what a 98micro would be like booting in about 5 seconds or whatever and then loading WinUAE. Probably WinUAE doesnt run on 95/98? Not tried...

I personally use WinUAE and like the heck out of it. I think waiting for Windows to boot is a small price to pay for a really good emulator. In fact I don't even have WinUAE start automatically, I wait until Windows is done horsing around and then I double click a short cut. WinUAE is complicated but if you start with QUICK-START and only change what you know about it's not to bad, it just takes a fair amount of experimenting and asking questions here.

I really like WinUAE because it basically makes the Amiga modern, the speed and things the emulated Amiga can do a real Amiga can only dream of. Just like the earlier message said, once you've used a WinUAE Amiga with a modern PC, a real one is pretty disappointing. Example, I have a A3000/060/50MHz, it used to be really fast, it's a slug now and can't do as much.
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