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Originally Posted by gizmomelb View Post
if you want (the LCD I'm guessing allows you to see which ADF etc. images you have on your SD card and select the one you want for loading. Similar with the three buttons (eject / load / next maybe?)).
It doesn't need an LCD (You've got a TV monitor!)
It doesn't need 3 buttons (You've got a 96 key keyboard and a joystick!)
It doesn't need it's own PSU (You've got the floppy power connector!)

It does need to be the same form factor as a real floppy drive, with screw holes in the right places so it can replace any internal floppy drive.

If they want to work with me to turn it into a commercial product, I am happy to donate time and money to bring it to market for all floppy disk retro platforms. (Amiga, Atari, C64, CPC, Spectrum etc.)

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