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Originally Posted by Sune Salminen View Post
It's not possible for an NTSC game to damage a PAL Amiga. Well not because of the difference in TV system anyway. If it had a virus on it it might..

(I heard a story once about an Amiga virus that destroyed the floppy drive by repeatedly banging the read/write head against the floppy).

If your TV isn't NTSC (or "Brazilian mode" - PAL60) capable you will know immediately when the picture starts to "roll". If that happens you can try to investigate if there is a secret "technician" trick to switch your TV to NTSC mode. Like holding some button on the remote while switching it on or something.
An NTSC game does not run in NTSC on the Amiga. It will run in PAL with a large portion of the screen unused at the bottom.
Also, all NTSC games will work fine in PAL. This isn't true for PAL games on NTSC machines.

frikilokooo, you can switch your machine to NTSC in early-startup menu. Many games will then run in selected mode.
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