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Amithlon, AROS, X-Amiga or Winuae

Good day everyone,

I've been getting that amiga itch lately where I just want to mess around with various amiga software and I have some questions regarding the above.

Ultimately, I'd like to boot my system into E-UAE, WinUAE, or some amiga-like environment. I've been in Amiga purgatory since Commodore went under. I have an A2000 and an A1200 but it's next to impossible to get any hardware over here in North America. I missed out on AmigaOne and any other hardware solutions. I can't find any Blizzard or Cyberstorm PPC cards at a reasonable price. I'd love to buy AmigaOS4 but there are no hardware solutions for me. So, until they come out with hardware or develop OS4 for x86 (which will never happen) I would like to at least try out some of the other offerings to whet my amiga appetite.

I've been doing research on AROS, Amithlon, and X-Amiga and I'm just getting frustrated. Here are the specs for my system:

Intel Core2 Duo E6600 Processor
2 GB 1000MHZ memory
Asus Striker Extreme motherboard
Ac97 Sound
Nvidia 8800GTS video card

Do I have a hope in hell of running AROS, Amithlon, or X-amiga? Seems my biggest obstacle on all 3 is the SATA HDD. Which is unfortunate.

So, possible or should I just stick to WinUAE or a linux distro with E-UAE? And if this is the best solution is there a way I can launch Winuae fullscreen or E-UAE fullscreen upon startup.

Thanks for any assistance.
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