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Originally Posted by vanfanel View Post
But Amiga 1200 motherboards have small capacitors, don't they?
And they seem to be sourface.mounted devices, so replacing those is not easy at I wrong?

Ed: Do you mean that, by runnnig my reserved Amiga 1200 once a year and play, let's say, SuperFrog to the end, this computer willl have a VEEEERY long life? Does ocassional use keep the AMIGA capacitors in good shape so in practice they won't die? Is that the solution for avoiding electrolitic chemicals being spread on the motherboard by capacitors?

I think that would be very good idea, just don't do something else that might damage it, like zap the input connectors. This is true of any electronic piece of equipment. Something that I've noticed over the years is that electronic devices seem to go bad juch sitting there, you wouldn't think that would happen, but it's the electrolytic capacitors that go bad. Normally they just get hot, swell up, leak, and lose most of their capacitance. I've never seen the gunk cause any problems, you just have to clean it up.

I think this is what happened to my A1000, the last time I used it it was working fine. I tried several week ago and nothing, the PS is dead, just sitting there. The power supply is a switching type of power supply, very common in computers, there's probably one little cap that went bad and is preventing the switcher from starting. I haven't tried trouble shooting because bad caps usually don't show signs of over heating in switchers because switchers generally have circuitry in them that prevents them from working if they sense something is wrong. In a normal power supply you just let them run until something smokes. Believe me, I've done that many times. That's not a good way to trouble shoot but sometimes it's the only way.
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