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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
all my emulators are on an external hard disk and usually take them with me wherever I go that there is a working PC - using registry (and in fact having an installation script) comes in conflict with portability whatsoever (which is a bad thing - thats no argument)

for some reason, winuae manages to work anyway (even before the .ini implementation)
I understand what you're trying to say here... but even .INI files will not be portable if relative path settings are not used inside

I must say that the worst possible option are .CFG files that are encrypted. When I created my SNES DVD I used 2 different emulators; Snes9x and ZSnes...

Snes9x is registry based while ZSnes is .CFG / DAT based. My SNES DVD has various settings that the user can select from relating to display / controls etc... With Snes9x it's easy to edit a few registry changes while with ZSnes I had to create seperate .CFG / .DAT files for each setting
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