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just a note (not an argument Toni): I never said I am not comfortable with registry (I make money from the PC, so couldn't be otherwise), I just said I hate it (or something close)

...some mod (Damien) could just split those posts we wrote here from the .ini thread so that Toni won't get too annoyed...

BUT going back to the thread (so you see how my original comment fits here), all my emulators are on an external hard disk and usually take them with me wherever I go that there is a working PC - using registry (and in fact having an installation script) comes in conflict with portability whatsoever (which is a bad thing - thats no argument)

for some reason, winuae manages to work anyway (even before the .ini implementation)

(my proposal to split the topic still goes - both Toni and you can do it, being mods, so why get annoyed?)
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