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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Capacitors leak, but not anything that corrosive, however batterys do.!!
Lots of rumors in this thread.

Electrolytic capacitors ( can leak corrosive fluids, but it's very uncommon. No other capacitors types can leak. It's a minute job to replace these with modern capacitors, and if you don't have a soldering iron, any electronics repair shop can fix it. Zero of the arcade PCBs I've owned since 1989 or so have had any such problems. A "how to take care of any PCBs" guide (in Swedish, unfortunately) is here:

Leaking batteries I've come across a few times.

Corrosive plastic? Never heard of. Same here - some of the arcade PCBs mentioned came from storage 5 times worse than any basement you've seen.

The only components completely impossible to replace are the custom chips. This is why Minimig and other projects are so promising!

There are greater risks to your Amiga, for example using an A1200 with the weak power supply that came with it. Buy a used A500 and use its PSU instead, or buy a modern powerful one and solder on the Amiga cable. (read the specs on your existing PSU and get a new one with as good or better specs)

Or wearing a sweater with synthetic fabric and accidentally give the Amiga a jolt (static electricity, also occurs on some carpet types, also if you pet the cat just before) when you plug in a joystick or peripheral.

Or 'never dealing with that heat issue that makes your Amiga reset once in a while'. Fortunately for us, Intel never got a decent chip designer that could make a power efficient CPU. So as long as there are PC gamers, there will be cooling solutions the size of grandma's underpants.

For non-classic Amiga users, I guess the biggest fear is that there will be no-one that makes CPUs or PPC boards in a few years.

For peripherals like monitors, mice, etc - there will be a market for adapters for other purposes than home computers in the foreseeable future, and when that era is ended adapters can be made easily by hobbyists.

One final threat to your Amiga's life is the end of production of floppy drives and old type RAM chips. Completely. Now, all Amigas can have harddisk interfaces, which in turn can have an adapter for other storage - luckily most if not all Amiga games have been cracked (what helped kill the Amiga might help keep it alive, who'd'a thunk it??) and many then have been WHDloadable. Which means they can be run without floppies.

RAM chips are trickier - I just now tried to get hold of a just 6 years old RAM type for a client, and found them rare and expensive. Luckily, the RAM specs are low and adapters can be made to bridge to any new RAMs.

Bottom line, if you take care of your Amiga, it will last a lifetime.

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