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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

I appreciate the time you took reading and diseminating my post, alas not only did you miss the point, you complete misread it. start at the begining of the thread and work you way through... you will get there.
What say you break it down for me? I came to a conclusion, asking me to reread something I've already read once isn't going to have me magically have some epiphany about your hidden point.

as small point here.... if i was scanning music album covers and putting water marks on it.... how quick do you think my database be requested to close?

Um. Never. Watermarking isn't only for copyright claim. It can also be used for fingerprinting, which is what the HOL is doing. They are only claiming the origin of the picture, not that they own the copyright to the original work (the game). For example, I can watermark the message "(c) 2008 Paranoid Enterprises" or just "paranoid" without them both having the same meaning.

Here's something to think about: when you write an article, when do you obtain the copyright? Do you have to file something to your government? Do you have to add (c) to the work? Neither -- when you finish the work it is automatically implied. (The Berne Convention.) With that in mind, adding a watermark doesn't grant copyright (it is automatically given) it only indicates the origin of the picture.

And to sarek2k: The day the HOL captures a game, frame by frame, and posts it on the internet is the day that analogy will be more valid. (And even then, not very; there is more to a game than images scrolling across the screen.)
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