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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
booooo heretic. Down with Dizzy

Yeah I still get the 'it's a games console' carp too and it does my head in.

Did a lot with mine before I got a PeeeCeee - word processing, graphics, BBS malarky... ah those were the days. The only thing I never liked on the Amiga was web surfing. Not much fun on a 6mb A1200 and nout else

The only reason I got a CD32 over a 1200 is because all the AGA stuff I like I've got for the CD32. No messing with floppies and easy to work with - get the extra's bits with cd32 aga stuff too

I would've gone with WHDLoad but again it comes down to expense and it would've cost a few hundred (memory expansion/accelerator/harddisk) for that which is pointless as I tend not to use my Amiga's 'that' much these days with work and what not.

So did I.
Back in the old days I hate everone saying it was a game machine, I used it for everything a computer should do. But today I don't see the point in using an amiga for anything else but gaming I dont think the amiga today can do something the PC can't
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