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E-UAE: The VSYNC problem makes Amiga scrollers unhappy

Well, sorry for opening another thread in the same morning (well, it's already evening here in Spain, but I've waken up so late today!)

Are you guys "minimal systems for Amiga emulation" fans?? Well, I am.
I have a minimal Gentoo Linux system for Amiga emulation with E-UAE (it's about 30 MB, without X11 since it uses SDL compiled for DirectFB, a lower-level library that allows graphics without Xorg).
It boots in about 15 seconds, and that's SO beautifull and close to a real AMIGA...
The problem (and it's a GREAT one from my point of view) is tearing: E-UAE won't Vsync by default, and seems to ignore config entries for this on it's Linux incarnation. So sidescrollers aren't by far as smoth as in the Amiga.

If I defined a correct modeline in Xorg for E-UAE to run on a 50Hz display... would Vsync still be necessary? I'm kinda confused here...
Do you know how to get perfect scrolling with E-UAE on Linux?

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