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I appreciate the time you took reading and diseminating my post, alas not only did you miss the point, you complete misread it. start at the begining of the thread and work you way through... you will get there.


Application of copyright law, is law, you presume much of what i may or may not know, there are plenty of sites that can offer you both support and caution for the material that HOL provides on a community basis. Please for the sake of the HOL double check.

I do have one question at this time though you said that a while back when some one ripped off the entirety of HOL on, you disucssed watermarking then.

so why did you do it now and not then if it wasn't for recent developements ?

as small point here.... if i was scanning music album covers and putting water marks on it.... how quick do you think my database be requested to close?

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