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It's great that HOL provides a community service. It's great that the community helps. But that doesn't give the community the ability to dictate what's done. That's up to the ones running the show. What if a bunch of people came up with the idea that they wanted the HOL to hand over the entire database, then started up the Ham of Lick with that database, only with ads all over the place?
That would be fine if HOL owned the graphics but they don't! can't you see what we are getting at here!

ok i ripped termintator 2 movie frame by frame and put in a shit load of text and pictures about the film (in a database), does that mean i am entitled to put a watermark on every picture? does it hell because they don't belong to me in the first place, ok i may have spent 20 years ripping every frame as a pic but that does not give me the right to watermark with my own personal logo as if i had done the work or own it!

as far as i am concerned you should only be able to watermark your own work unless you have express permission and proof to do so!

I do appreciate the work thats gone in thousands of hours i don't doubt but you don't own the graphics/screenshots you are watermarking!
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