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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
shouldnt the community that this project serves make that decision ?

after all it not only improves through community input and submissions but also survives for its use.
It's great that HOL provides a community service. It's great that the community helps. But that doesn't give the community the ability to dictate what's done. That's up to the ones running the show. What if a bunch of people came up with the idea that they wanted the HOL to hand over the entire database, then started up the Ham of Lick with that database, only with ads all over the place?

people whom want to RIP the entirety from HOL will find ways to do this, irrespective of the watermark..
While this may be true, the 'value' if you will of those screenshots is greatly devalued for some other web site. I mean, come on, they have 'Hall of Light' on them. Sure it's possible people can swipe them, but would they really want to, as much as they would without watermarks?

the truth.... the water mark is a platitude to a 'few' contributors nothing more.
If I understand, you're just pissed a few are making a decision that you'd rather be a part of. While I think it's great you put forward your opinion, I think insinuating others are making the decision just to make a decision is a bit unfounded.

i am not taking anything away from the legend that is HOL, but its a commnuity project NOT for a few contributors to claim ownership wich is what HOL is doing not only by *(arguably)* using a water mark on any non-pre agreed art work is breaking a lot of copyright law. I am sure they know this.

This descision to water mark is not only in error its going to cause a HUGE issue down the line when artist(s) and copyright holds approach HOL with retraction statements, HOL is to me that Beacon that Amiga Enthusiasts have need and will continue to need.
I think you're grasping at straws here. It's fair use to publish parts of a work for review purposes. They aren't providing the entire game, just images of it. If a game company really wanted to sue over copyright the watermark will have little to do with it. HOL isn't trying to claim they wrote the game itself.

I will argue that "to protect" statement is UTTER BULLSHIT its sounds a lot like this is our ball, play the game our way! its crap AND YOU ALL KNOW IT...

common .... people making money on a system / format that been COMMERCIALLY DEAD for 10 years its a lot more than beyond belief... its total TRITE...
So you're saying people will copy the images regardless, but yet, nobody is actually copying the images? Which is it, and what do you base this all on? Granted, all I have is the word of the few that posted here saying they are being ripped off, but it sure seems plausible. I've also seen a great many ROM sites based around advertising.

the best way to protect HOL is to OPEN PLATFORM it... allow users to download a portable hol version... your tireless work, that I cannot say how awesome it is... could be USED by the community, albiet commercial and private alike... you can then draw rules on commercial use... like donations to what ever cause...
You think someone that wants to rip off these images is going to pay attention to a GPL or something similar? It should be free so it can't be stolen? This isn't making sense.

but this watermarking.... its wrong..... it DEEMS OWNERSHIP!!! stop being arses about this and ask the community in a pol... run it for a month. let the community tell you what it wants... and then allow HOL to become that....

please... this is a crucial moment for your project.... don't make the wrong mistakes... make the decision based on a community need, rather than a personal grudge or two.
I don't see anything wrong with a poll, but I don't think the results need be binding. Maybe it would give those running HOL an idea of what a bunch of folks on EAB (or wherever) think, but I don't think it has to be completely binding on some order.
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