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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
It wasn't just the gameplay but the ideas and creativity that amazed me - a lot of them being copied/ported even today (and in some cases making a mockery of the originals - speedball 2 anyone?)

Pinball Dreams still blows me away every time I see/hear/play it I guess it's different for anyone but I'd rather play a 2D game than a 3D one - I've never been into 3D stuff apart from when I'm in the real world

A lot of creativity has been lost with newer games and it's the same old funking carp which is re-manufactured like a Clubbers Guide to Ibiza album but in a different order.

Nah, Amiga is a way of life 1990 - 2008 and I'm still loving every minute I spend with mine Plus I still go out and beat up Atari ST users

Hey Paul, you have a point there I guess. Pinball Illusions brought tears to my eyes the other day, the intro sequence, and then the title music that plays over the rotating geometric shapes...I just loved it. I guess that's what I miss too, the creativity and sense of belonging somehow- the swedes and the fins and the germans, all pushing that lovely machine and expressing their creativity, it's genuinely moving to experience it again.

I've always been a 2D'er at heart too. Sure, all the modern games I mentioned are 3D cos that's all there is, but give me SuperFrog, Alien Breed, SWOS, Soccer Kid, Speedball 2...and I can have just as much if not more fun. I do think it's a shame you haven't enjoyed the 3D world though, I lost a big chunk of my life to Unreal Tournament and Gran Tourismo! I guess I just like any game thats good without getting stuck in a niche.

There's also something a bit more personal about a 2D game, it's like a cartoon, you can see the artistic skill involved, the hand anti-aliasing and the mastery of a 32 colour paletter- just magic.

Surprised you haven't liked the SNES! I feel a lot for that little beauty, not as much as for Amiga of course but I had some great, great experiences on SNES. Super Mario Kart is and always will be my all time favourite game, it was a masterpiece and that Mode 7 was just bloomin amazing.

18 years on Amiga eh and still going, good man! ST Users...poor b'stards
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