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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Totally agree with your posts Galahad and Hungry Horace

I've played quite a few games on various friends' PS3s / Xbox 360s... Though there's loads of eye candy etc. I'm usually bored pretty quickly.

However, I do think that the Wii is cool fun and imaginative
I'm surprised the Xplop360 didn't blow up first before you got bored

Originally Posted by alanc5 View Post

(Hi all btw)

What's all this gameplay that was so much better on old games? You mean the way the cars in Lotus games just bounced their way from side to side around the track? Or the way the characters in Mega-lo-mania just moved like flies around an area when you placed your map? These were all limitations forced by the machines that programmers don't have to put up with anymore.

You should be thrilled about what we can do now in games! There is lots of indie stuff too thats fun if you get sick of the chart fodder. So many different machines doing innovative things.
It wasn't just the gameplay but the ideas and creativity that amazed me - a lot of them being copied/ported even today (and in some cases making a mockery of the originals - speedball 2 anyone?)

Pinball Dreams still blows me away every time I see/hear/play it I guess it's different for anyone but I'd rather play a 2D game than a 3D one - I've never been into 3D stuff apart from when I'm in the real world

A lot of creativity has been lost with newer games and it's the same old funking carp which is re-manufactured like a Clubbers Guide to Ibiza album but in a different order.

Originally Posted by alanc5 View Post

I think most of us just miss our youths, our mates and things like that. I love my Amiga so much and every now and then I get it out but for games I am soon reminded why I left it alone and embraced the SNES, tech just moves on.
Nah, Amiga is a way of life 1990 - 2008 and I'm still loving every minute I spend with mine Plus I still go out and beat up Atari ST users


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