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Originally Posted by Galaxy View Post
Congratulations Cody - you're a screenshot factory!
I second that!

Originally Posted by Galaxy View Post
I have to say I was never enthusiastic about the thought of watermarking but that is just one of the realities we had to face up to in light of scans just being ripped off the site and used in other games sites. We've been discussing watermarking for several years now and it isn't a decision that was taken lightly.
All sadly very true. I detest watermarking from a user's POV also. However, it hasn't been a knee-jerk decision by any stretch of the imagination peeps. We could have instituted watermarking a couple of years back when a jerk on A.Org torrented the whole HOL site (with references to HOL purposely removed, mind you), but we resisted on the grounds that it would unfairly penalise users. Unfortunately, since then most aspects of HOL (screenshots, scans, credits, other game info. etc. etc.) has been pillaged and plagiarised by pretty much EVERY major Amiga counterpart and more. So if you want to take aim at anyone, take aim at the perpetrators and the corporate entities who see the retrogaming community as one big cash cow. Seriously, what would you have us do? Sit idly by and continue to let it happen? Rome has been burning for quite a while now peeps and, unfortunately, we've had no choice but to call in the emergency water bombers.
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