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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Web browsing on the Amiga even with a top turbo card is horrible after having used a modern PC.

More and more of the net is now unusable on Amiga browsers as they dont have CSS.
Bit of an overstatement TBH. Using IBrowse 2.4 on a high-end Amiga with gfx card (8Mb CVPPC or better) in some instances is more pleasant than using a PC under Win XP/Vista (even on decent spec machines with 1Gb ram and a bunch of essential apps installed). Can't say the same when using AWeb, Voyager or even older versions of IBrowse on high-end Amigas, though. Having said that, websites that make heavy use of JAVA or flash (esp. corporate sites) are obviously better viewed on PC/Mac using Firefox et al.

Originally Posted by DrBong
BTW if you have 3Mb ram or more, I can upload AWeb 3.4 (the last 68000 version before it went APL).....just let me know. Erm, happy browsing!
Originally Posted by Braddo View Post
Yeah I've got plenty of RAM, if you could upload that into the zone, along with the key if you've got one, that'd be great.
Keyless crack in the Zone! Out of curiosity, how much ram have you got on your A500? 2Mb chip/8Mb fast perhaps?
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