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I've now got a couple of spare PCs and many HDDs hanging one is to run Amithlon, another hopefully X-Amiga.

Before I install it and find I don't like it, I have many questions...

a: If I don't install Kickstart ROM images, ADF files, pre-installed OS, etc can I do this later on after the initial X-Amiga, how will I access them?

b: Can I transfer ADF, HDF images and amiga folders to my HDD after installation?

c: Can I run ADF, HDF and read other files from USB drive or CD after installation?

d: Will X-Amiga recognise and allow me access to real Amiga CDs after installation?

e: More and more questions relating to the use of X-Amiga after installation.

The problem is that I've got NO IDEA what you end up with once it is installed, got instructions on how to install from the website, but can't see how I'd actually use it.

Do you select disk images, etc using E-UAE or what? I thought it booted straight to Amiga emulation, so how would I do that?

How do you go find an image from the "disk in hand" screen...or even worse, how do you load an ADF from an installed Workbench (I'm assuming once WB is installed it'll start up to how do you load an ADF without Workbench starting?!).

Very confusing when you don't know whats what

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