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I surfed with my A1200 and IBrowse occasionally for about two years, then I had to stop 'cause connection problems with Miami. However Termite TCP sometimes worked yet.

My A1200 has a Blizzard IV 68030 @50 + 16 MB Fast RAM and a monitor Amiga M1438S (DBLPAL 720x512, to avoid classic 640x256).
On surfing you should avoid sites with long pages, sites with many and large images, sites your browser can't support 'cause it's not available the right plugin. On jumping to pages pre-surfed (HD saved) can take more time than to reload them again.
However to surf on sites like Aminet or (with occasionally jumps to HOL) our EAB forum is not, in my opinion, a bad experience. Pure file downloads from Aminet or "The Zone" were a bit better than on my PC, and I believe you can do that (occasionally) with slower (68000?) configurations. is offline  
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