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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
IBrowse requires 020+ and has done from the early days, so it's no use to you on a 68000 machine. AWeb 3.2 is probably the best fit for a 68000 machine in terms of a trade-off between utility and hardware requirements. It requires KS3.0 and 2Mb ram (4Mb recommended)- hopefully your machine possesses this; if not, I'd suggest you forget the idea of graphical browsing on a 68000 machine altogether. Normally, I wouldn't recommend graphical browsing on an Amiga without at least an 030 (which is painful enough IMHO), but I get the sense that you're determined to try this out for yourself anyway!

BTW if you have 3Mb ram or more, I can upload AWeb 3.4 (the last 68000 version before it went APL).....just let me know. Erm, happy browsing!
Yeah I've got plenty of RAM, if you could upload that into the zone, along with the key if you've got one, that'd be great.

Thanks mate
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