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please understand, your effort is legendary i cannot tell you the esteme i hold you and the HOL team in. really you guy have created a beacon in an otherwise dark universe. THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE

I have been involved in MANY community projects... infact it perhaps were i do some of my best work!

I wont lie, it does sting when people take your efforts / work and use it in a way that you didn't want them too... I can only empathies with you. but please understand, to those that matter your work is indeed held in the highest regard.

this water marking it seems suggest that you don't feel your efforts are appreciated, please.... nothing could be further from the truth!

I have had work taken / perverted and used in ways i would never of agreed too when i began several community projects... but although you put all that time in, its not for kudos or respect, its about giving the community what it wants, from that it becomes a living thing, like i believe HOL to be.

you guys have created something that can only be described as legendary! nothing can take that away. If others use your work then the best thing to do is consider the fact the effort you made others lack or need.
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