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Originally Posted by meega View Post
Something like "WINDOW=CON:LEFT,TOP,WIDE,HIGH,..." and all that sort of stuff?
Yes, that's what I'm looking for, but WINDOW is not recognised as a keyword in my scenario. Basically what I want is to start csh in a console window by doubleclicking on an icon. My solution this far works but is not completely satisfactory. Right now I have this trivial script:
And then have a type Project icon with the default tool of Sys:System/CLI and the tooltypes
This way clicking on the icon runs me a CLI which opens me up the window that I describe, reads and executes the script above and thus runs csh. Once csh exits, the shell runs endcli and exits as well. (without an explicit endcli it would take longer for the window to close). I'm not happy though; the need to run an extra CLI and the parsing and executing of a script seem completely unnecessary here.

Then I noticed that the Information panel of a type Tool icon in this here Workbench gives me the choice to "Start from: Shell". And if I make such a for the csh executable, it does pretty much what I want; no unnecessary processes or scripts needed. However, the resulting window is very small, opens up in an inconvenient location, and needs the close button pressed twice to get rid of. Workbench clearly doesn't expect or honor the WINDOW tooltype in this case.

Might it perhaps expect something else?
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